Email the artist at for any questions, concerns, or review and interview inquiries.

BEFORE YOU EMAIL, here’s some FAQs that might help save some time for you:

What do you use to make The Legend of Jamie Roberts?

Here’s a page with more info about that!

What the heck is genderqueer and why is Jamie Roberts that?

Genderqueer is a broad term that applies to anybody who’s not strictly male or female. Folks who are genderqueer are not cisgender (or people who identify with the gender marker given to them at birth). There are a LOT of reasons why folks are genderqueer, but it’s not weird. It’s been a thing since ancient times across multiple cultures (see: Native American two-spirit and Hindu tritiya-prakriti for primary examples).

Jamie Roberts is genderqueer because that’s how they are.

I wanted to make a story with a genderqueer lead. This is the story I wanted to read when I was a teenager, when I realized I did not fit into the male/female binary smoothly, and I wanted to read a story with a lead character like me.

Are you one of those SJW types?

People still use that word?

Are you an NPC?

I’m a player and a doer, not a complainer.

Are you on social media?

I’m on Instagram if you want to see more art and announcements. If you want to see me be a giant nerd, I maintain a Tumblr and Twitter just for the funzies.

Are you coming to a convention that’s near me?

My full convention schedule can be found at along the sidebar (or at the bottom if you’re on mobile).

Can I confess my deepest darkest secrets to you?

No. Go to a therapist.

What other comics have you done?

I’m so glad you asked!

My first project was Johnson & Sir, the story of 2 elf cops in Fantasyville and the magical malarkey they must manage. After that came Validation (the story of a transgender girl named Ally who’s an enormous nerd), Charlie & Clow, Charlie & Clow: The Bonus Arc, and The Case of the Wendigo (all three of which can be found on the same site), and Thoughtful Dinosaur.

I’ve also done short stories, mini-comics, comics made on commission – I just love comics!