The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 is coming to KickStarter! Get chapters 1 through 4 in paperback by backing the campaign. You can get KickStarter-exclusive rewards, too, like:

  • custom-signed books
  • your very own orb (don’t break it, or Ranki will get loose)
  • a map of Corith with Jamie and friends’ notes added

If we get to 30 backers, then backers will also get the campaign-exclusive sticker sheet of the treasures of Corith FREE with their order.

There are limited-edition rewards available for a short time, too. When it goes live (which it should SOON – updates will be announced on my email newsletter) check out the campaign, back it if you can, and share it everyone you know!

*UPDATE 2/24/21* So I wrote that copy up top on Monday, but the KickStarter page is still under review. The campaign may not launch until Friday. I know I had promised a launch sooner, and I’m sorry for not meeting that expectation. As soon as the campaign is ready, however, email newsletter subscribers will be the first to know. Please forgive me for getting you hyped up too soon.

*UPDATE 2/25/21* We’re FINALLY live on KickStarter!