A trick ending?!

Yes. Indeed. Because I’m mean :3

But I’m not so mean, because here’s the thing: usually I have a two-week hiatus between chapters. This allows me to make pages ahead of schedule, just in case of emergencies.

That said, this time it’s different. I still have KickStarter fulfillment to handle. And a few other secret projects.

So here’s what I’ll do instead:

Starting next week, until the next chapter is ready, I’m posting behind-the-scenes content, like how I make a comic page step-by-step, character sketches, and more! The update schedule will stay once a week on Wednesdays. When will the next chapter be ready? That’s still TBD. But I want to make sure that folks who backed The Legend of Jamie Roberts, volume 1 on KickStarter get their rewards first. They’ve been waiting patiently. AND I want to make sure YOU get a peek behind the curtain while waiting for Chapter 6.

These behind-the-scenes glimpses are usually only seen by Ko-Fi supporters. So if you would like to see MORE bonus content, buy me a cup of tea or become a monthly contributor. You’ll be joining a team of cool people who love these comics just like you do.

In the meantime, come back next week on Wednesday for a glimpse of the comics-making process!

Thank you for your support.

You. Are. Awesome.