Holy banana pants, thank you for your support! You helped us get this far, and hopefully, we can go farther still. *insert plug for my Ko-fi page here for one-time donations and monthly memberships, wink wink.* But even if you’re broke, share this comic far and wide! Sharing is caring and it helps more than you know.

That said, we have reached the end of Chapter 8. Which means we’re taking a short hiatus. It’s a tradition in this comic to take a two-week (or so) hiatus between chapters. That way I can build backlog back up and take care of other business.

This time around, the hiatus will last about a month – because The Legend of Jamie Roberts, Volume 2 is coming to Crowdfundr! That’s right, we’re launching the second volume of this webcomic and taking it to print!

Though comic updates are on hiatus, come back next week for a bonus comic, “Pie-Rates.” And keep tuning in for weekly updates – we’re really close to the launch date for volume 2.

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That’s all for now. See you next week!

You. Are. Awesome.