I love my idiot children – but pro tip: don’t ride a giraffe. They are not, in fact, spotted long-necked horses.

They are way worse.


My friend Mel and I are participating in an event this weekend called the Wheeling Sleep-Out. We’re building and sleeping in cardboard constructs so our local homeless youth don’t have to.

The Wheeling Sleep-Out is part competition (to see who can build the most creative cardboard construction), and part fundraiser. Every dollar raised goes to Youth Services Systems, a Wheeling, WV nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless folks in the area.

If you would like to donate to Youth Services Systems to combat homelessness, you can donate through our team page. Every dollar helps feed and clothe someone so they don’t freeze.

There’s also awards given to teams who raise the most funding for Youth Services Systems, if you’re the competitive type (like we are).

If you’re broke, feel free to share the link. Shares helps a lot.