I had to make a new brush in Clip Studio Paint to make drawing those dragon scales easier. With all the custom brushes I keep making for this comic, I should put them into a bundle on Ko-Fi at some point :P.

That said – I’m changing how I run my Ko-Fi page. You can still give a one-time tip or buy The Legend of Jamie Roberts merch through the shop there. You can also commission me to draw you some art.

Buuuuuut if you want to see behind-the-scenes things like comic scripts or story notes, check out my new Subscribe Page on my blog. I built it myself using Stripe, so more funds will go towards the comics and not middle-men platforms. Why my own Subscribe page? Because last month, Ko-Fi shadow-banned my account for posting male nipples, and Patreon keeps making decisions that I don’t like (like laying off their security team). Supporting me through a page I built myself will mean less censorship, fewer middlemen, and more comics.